What Would be Helpful to You in Your Career?

I work hard to create content, classes, and one on one sessions that are impactful and helpful to you – the people I’m here to serve! To make sure I’m headed in the right direction, I’m hoping you’ll give me some quick feedback today!

In return, I will be very, very grateful and I’ll send one raffle winner a $25 gift card to Powell’s, the “city of books” that’s based in beautiful Portland, Oregon! For you out of towners, don’t worry: their online store is gigantic, so you will not miss out.

This 7-question survey will probably only take you 5 minutes, and would help me a ton! It’s totally anonymous, so you can be candid! Please consider taking a minute to fill it out.

The raffle winner will be announced next Monday, April 11th, so keep your eyes peeled in case it’s you!

If surveys aren’t your thing but you have thoughts about what kinds of resources you need in your career, feel free to just email me at megan (at) meganleatherman (dot) com.


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